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This is a simple multifunction calculator, which also includes some useful calculus tools. It can take numerical derivatives and integrals, including iterated integrals. Type a command in the box and press enter to evaluate it.


x = 5 + sqrt(2)

f(x,y) = x^y


Built-in variables and constants

PIThe best approximation of PI
EThe best approximation of the base of the natural logarithm.
ansThe value of the last result.

Function reference

abs(x)Absolute value of x.
acos(x)Inverse cosine of x.
asin(x)Inverse sine of x.
atan(x)Inverse tangent of x.
ceil(x)Ceiling of x.
cos(x)Cosine of x.
delta(expression, var, lower, upper)Difference between expression evaluated at var = upper and at var = lower.
exp(x,y)Same as x^y.
floor(x)Floor of x.
fnInt(expression, var, lower, upper)Integral of expression with respect to var from lower to upper.
ln(x)Natural logarithm of x.
log(x)Log base 10 of x.
max(x,y)Max of x or y.
min(x,y)Min of x or y.
nDeriv(expression, var, value)Derivative of expression with respect to var at value.
random()Random value between 0 and 1.
round(x)Round x to nearest integer.
sin(x)Sine of x.
sqrt(x)Square root of x.
tan(x)Tangent of x.