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Euphoria Standards Proposal 1

Comment Properties

The goal of this proposal is to provide a standard for storing information about Euphoria source code files in comments.

The Format Of Comment Properties

Comment properties will be stored in the source in the following format:

-- (property name)=(value)

Value can be a string, character, value, or sequence. In other words, if value in get.e can read it, it is ok. Some examples would be:

-- author="Jeffrey Fielding"

-- version=1.0

-- pi=3.14

-- primeNumbers={2,3,5}

-- It's ok to have spaces in the property name=1

-- A='A'

Accessing comment properties

I have written routines to read comment properties. Note that it is designed to read only at the moment, as I see no reason to write to the file. If there is eventually some reason to write comment properties, then propose it in another Euphoria Standards Proposal.

Download comment properties include file

Standard comment properties


A string specifying the name of the author.


The version number of the file.