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Euphoria Standards Proposal 2

Automatic Retrieve and Update of Include files

This specification will allow programmers and users of Euphoria software to automatically update and retrieve required include files. Please look at the comment properties proposal first so you can understand the rest of this.

The need for such a standard

Have you ever downloaded a program and then realize that you need to get another file in order to run it? Or perhaps the version of the file you have is out of date and incompatible with the program. As the number of contributions to Euphoria increases, it becomes more and more dificult to find the file you are looking for. Also, it is inefficient to package the include files with the software, and the purpose of include files is to be shared to begin with.

How it works

Each file has a version comment property in the following format:

-- version=(version number)

The server program looks at each file that is posted on the Internet and writes an index file of all the available files and their version. When a client program needs to get the latest version of a file, it retrieves the index file from the server(s) in its database and looks for the latest version of the file. Once it is found, it downloads it.