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My Software

Scheduler New version 1.00.0007

A simple program I wrote to keep track of stuff I wanted to do. It's not exactly like a calendar. It is designed to keep track of objectives. Each objective has a due date. The main window displays all the objectives with a due date for the current date or earlier, or the next latest if there aren't any. This requires Windows 95 and up.


A game I wrote where you battle your opponent. I'm working on improving it. The current version is for DOS.

File Splitter

Splits a file into multiple files, each new file being at most the size you specify. You can get the source, in C here. My file splitter requires DOS.

Utility Scheduler

This programs runs utilities on your computer automatically. Just tell it what program to run and on when, and it will run the programs when you start your computer. Requires Windows 95 or up.