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Introduction to EPP

The goal of EPP is to provide an easy to use, and easy to extend pre-processor for Euphoria. Besides just fixing-up your program, EPP includes debugging tools, and allows for extended syntax to be converted to standard Euphoria. Internally, the goal of this version is to allow programmers to extend the pre-processor, so you can customize it to your needs, and the best extentions may be added to the standard version of the pre-processor, or anyone can add it to their Euphoria pre-processor by simply including it in one of the source files that comes with EPP, at the right place or run the eppext program with the name of the file to add to the pre-processor.

If you would like to help with the project, or just have some extra input and stay updated on the current version, check out my EPP Page. You can join the EPP team there, or download EPP.

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