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The EPP Source Files

The source files for the Euphoria pre-processor are included in the package so that you can examine and add to them, and it also allows you to add other people's code to your pre-processor.

File Description
epp.ex The command-line pre-processor
tokens.e Breaks Euphoria code into a sequence of "tokens" to make the file easily processed by the other parts of the program.
files.e Provides file routines, mostly used for getting the path of an included file.
error.e Displays errors like the ones from ex.exe.
parser.e Breaks down a sequence of tokens into a list of variables, functions etc.
interp.e Interperts Euphoria and extended Euphoria code. Slower than ex.exe, but provides infinate debugging.
convert.e Converts extended Euphoria to standard Euphoria.
debugger.e Debugs an extended Euphoria or standard Euphoria file (infinate lines).
tracer.e Traces an extended Euphoria or standard Euphoria program, also allows for displaying the value of expressions etc.
optimize.e Optimizes programs.
eppext.ex Manages extentions to the pre-processor.
routines.ex Example of processing a file. Lists the routines. Usage: ex routines.ex filename

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